3 Secrets to Doing Yoga with Less Wrist/Thumb Pain
Yoda Wrist & Thumb Pain

Do you have pain in your wrist or base of your thumb when doing planking, downward facing dog, push-ups, etc.?  There are solutions for this!  Not only are there various clever products, but therapy at Hand Rehabilitation Specialists may be just the solution that you are looking for.

Weight bearing during yoga poses such as planking, side planking, and half-moon  can cause wrist pain in many individuals.  For some, pain can become progressive and is not something to “work through.”  It may be caused by arthritis in the wrist or base of the thumb (CMC OA), tendonitis, ligament tears or laxity.  It is worse when the wrist is at a 90 degree angle such as in the poses listed above, and may be somewhat better when is in the softer position of downward facing dog.

There are 3 clever items that you might consider for reducing your wrist or thumb pain:

WAGS Gloves (Amazon Link)

The built in wedge at the heel of the hand provides a mild reduction in wrist and thumb extension, thereby helping to reduce wrist or thumb pain.   We recommend the 2 styles with the thicker wedge, the  Pro Fitness, or the Ultra Support with a wrist strap (do not choose the latter if you have carpal tunnel syndrome).  Indications:  wrist pain, base of thumb arthritis (CMC OA)

Yoga Grips (Amazon link)

This relatively new innovation is an alternative to holding dumbbells when weight bearing or doing a push-ups, and they are VERY comfortable, with a gel-like padding and clever design.  Indications:  wrist pain of any reason, base of thumb arthritis (CMC OA).

Wrist Buddy Yoga Blocks:  (Amazon Link)

These unique, carved out blocks are another recent innovation. Designed by a chiropractor, they provide ergonomic support for the thumb, palm, and fingers, shift weight from the wrist to the palm, and enhance your grip. Indications:  wrist pain, thumb pain if you have a  medium to large hand.

The Occupational and Physical Therapists at Hand Rehabilitation Specialists can give you further advice on these issues and create a comprehensive treatment program for your wrist, hand, or thumb pain.  Call us for a free 15-minute consultation!